Vitrac to Montignac

Called in at the pretty little ‘chocolate box’ village of Montfort.  They had a decent free aire there, which, we could have happily used, if we were there later in the day.  As it was, we had a day of touring ahead of us.  



 A few years ago, when last in the Dordogne, we drove through Sarlat, but perhaps with limited time, or me feeling lazy, we didn’t visit!

This trip, on the recommendation of our friends, we now have made a point of visiting, and pleased we did.  It’s a charming medieval town with an air of sophistication to it, with lovely shops selling local delicacies and wares and cosy looking restaurants and cafés.  Pleased to have given it more attention this time!



 Last night we free camped at Montignac, alongside the river.  We’d been there some years ago with our Talbot and overnighted in the same place.  It’s clearly no longer their official aire, but being free, and with 2 other vans there already, we followed suit! – whilst parking away from the others not having a deckchair mentality as many have!

Although the football pitch was across the road, and the road not altogether quiet, neither the traffic nor the footballers continued incessantly. 

Would we with hindsight prefer to pay 5 Euros to park up in the official aire with no particular visual draw and many more neighbours, I’m not sure, but good there were 2 options!  Either would have served our needs for the night.

After supper on board, we had a nice evening stroll around the old town, and some time having elapsed since the last visit, it felt like the first time!

Montignac was definitely a pleasant town meriting a visit.



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