Montignac to Saint Hilaire Les Places

A few years ago we visited the chateau at Hautefort on our Talbot and did the paying to look around thing – the building and the gardens were very photogenic from recollection!  Also a huge panoramic view from the chateau walls too. 

Passing that way again, we stopped in their little Aire looking towards the chateau for a bit of lunch, before getting a walk in, up and around the winding steep narrow roads of the village beneath the imposing chateau. 



Last night we did well with an out of season stop by this lovely lake. 

In season there’s a lakeside campsite open, but fortunately for us, not just yet! – which of course made for a free and totally quiet and very picturesque overnighter. 

We had just one other neighbour last night, a French ‘van’, and they were as quiet as mice,  so our ideal neighbours!

This morning before we made tracks we took a very pleasant walk around the lake which boundered meadows of sheep and cows, passing a few folk rod fishing along the way. 




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