Saint Hilaire Les Places to Bellac

Stopped at Lac du Pardoux (Limousine) for a lunch break today:



Arrived at Bellac this afternoon and parked up at the small aire – just several spaces, but even now at 9.30pm, being out of season, a couple of spaces still up for grabs.  The weather is beautifully summery, so perhaps we’ve been fortunate to get a space so pretty readily.

A very pretty village green down here, what with the old stone bridge and the river running through, but the village itself, isn’t the prettiest we’ve seen, but either way, until you see a place, you can’t comment, and we always view things as a bit of welcome exercise has been achieved whatever! – no least here with a steep trudge up to view it!

2 French neighbour ‘vans’, but not close enough to know they’re there really, so the place feels like our own!  We should be in for a quiet night bar the welcome sound of the river.




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