Bellac to Lathus Saint Rèmy

Arrived at this very pleasant village aire just before lunchtime today.  A freebie!

While Michael took a business call, I finished off the spicy bean burgers!   Actually, I didn’t put quite enough egg in to bind the mixture into patties that didn’t crumble, so we had burger ‘bits’, instead! – but tasted good, so hey ho!


After lunch we drove less than 5 minutes to ‘hike’ and ‘rock climb’ to the ‘Portes d’Enfer’, which are rapids (more modest than some undoubtedly!), but quite impressive in their own right, IF you’re up for the part scramble to get to them!  Michael was so I followed – albeit very gingerly with my iffy prone knees and fear of heights and edges! – not a great combo, but there we are!  It gave us our daily constitutional! – which helps justify eating more almond chocolate this evening than I perhaps should have! – oh, and the ‘Baileys’, and that solitary Madeleine!

You’ll see we encountered a slithery little chap en route!  Assumed it was harmless! 



Unfortunately the photos don’t really encapsulate the rapids by a long shot!  I shall have to leave you imagine the fast running water and the sound that goes with that.  All I can say is there’s no way I’d ever river raft!!!


These are the ‘Portes d’Enfer’ – a bit lacking visually and audibly in a photo!!!








Man at work!




 Doing what he loves – eating outdoors on a beautiful evening!  Hard to beat! – and no flies or wasps!  Bargain!


 Our naughty foods after our pork chop and salad!  We don’t feel bad though as we’re still keeping on top of our weight.  Bringing the body scales with us has been brilliant at keeping us on track.  


 Happy chappie!

Sitting outside his ‘van’ having had a nice al-fresco supper with a glass of wine and the rest of the evening to enjoy the peace and quiet and latterly the starry sky!


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