Out of Limousin and into Indre et Loire

We’ve been driving a good bit of today but our lunch aire stop was also a work stop for Michael.  It was very hot!!!  Not my idea of fun!  Possibly not helped by cooking a curry!  Haha!  Actually, no, even preparing a salad would have wilted me in today’s heat!

Pulled in at Montmorillon’s aire this morning come to think about it – would have been a good night stop I’m sure had we been there at the relevant time of day. 
More driving in the heat this afternoon and passed Chateau Le Guerche – very imposing on it’s riverside spot by the bridge

We realised about 19 years ago we took a photo on that very bridge with the girls, having rented a gite in nearby Cussay.  We tried to track down the gite, but sadly unsuccessful.  It would have been nice to see it again and see if it’s changed at all since that holiday all those years ago.  

Have settled on staying the night in the village aire at ‘Villaines les Rochers’.  It’s central to the village outside the church, the Mairie’s and Community Centre, but apart from the odd bell ring, and a bit of line dancing at the Community Centre, visual only fortunately! – it’s proving very quiet.  Us and 4 other vans here.  

A little something on our arrival at Villaines les Rochers – and that’s just half a custard slice – it was huge!


The village Aire in the square – no cost and free water too


Can you spot the cat?!


A number of the village houses are set against the rockface and some encompass it, and most houses along the rockface (if not all) have a garden cave instead of a garden shed!


It’s jolly warm, so not my favourite at night either!  Oh dear!  I don’t like to sound negative about the weather, when it’s very nice that winter has come and gone.  There’s no pleasing some people!!!

Gosh, I’m tired!  Didn’t sleep so well last night – and a bit headachey today from the sun, so need a proper sleep tonight!


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