Gizeux to Feneu

Yesterday we drove through Baugé and stopped long enough for me to take a photo of their interesting Chateau within the town, incorporating the Tourism office. 


Continuing our journey in a Brittany direction we passed what we could only describe at the time as a medieval image, to our minds, of cows drinking in the river.  So this necessitated a turn around for a few photos, and some too of the canal boat gliding by and the elegant and atmospheric trees lining the road. 






We pass so many chateaux not surprisingly!  Mostly one gets just a fleeting glimpse of their timeless splendour as you drive past unaware of their existence with not a moment’s warming! – certainly this is true of the smaller ones, which are still sizeable and no less impacting for their more petite by comparison scale.  I sometimes try to note the village or town they’re in to google later and read up about.  They’re all fascinating to me!


This one is ‘Chateau a la Grandiere, in ‘Grez-Neuville’.  We were off the main road, heading to our last night stop over, and passed this one, too charming not to stop for a quick photo!  Invariably on the main roads this is difficult to do with lack of places to pull in and faster busier traffic, so little gems are often found on quieter roads! 

We’ve had a very pleasant and successful overnight here at ‘Port Albert’ in ‘Feneu’.  Just us and 2 other ‘vans’, who considerately, unlike some, parked well spaced from each other.  

It’s a quiet spot here right by the river and this morning Michael is working, but before we move on after lunch, we shall get a walk in along the towpath.  I don’t think he fancies risking his bike chain going again, so it looks like my bike won’t get an airing this trip!  Another time!





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