Feneu to Saint Malo

Heading on up north today, we chanced upon this amazing chateau!  It was absolutely stunning!  We had not expected it for one moment!  It was on the grand scale of the most well known of the Loire chateaux, and yet unknown to us!   A lovely surprise!

They do visits, chambres d’hôtes as well as have weddings there, and not surprisingly so!  It’s very special!



We have needed to cut short our trip due to Michael’s father’s ill health and  have made our way up directly to St Malo today to catch the early boat home. 

It’s been a brilliant 5 weeks, and we have discovered that it is not a hardship to live (and work) on such a small space for so long, but very doable indeed, and without all the paraphernalia of ‘normal’ life, very liberating and undoubtedly good for body, mind and soul!

We wholeheartedly recommend the lifestyle to you and wish we’d got into it years ago!

Life can be too darned short! – so carpe diem!

Until the next time!

Sophie and Michael

St Malo for the night – right next door to the ferry terminal!  


An easy steak and salad with a glass of red wine


and it was a toss up between pancakes and drop scones, and the latter just that bit quicker and easier, and being as it was getting late, they won out!

Drop Scones and Nutella and a hot chocolate before lights out!


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