St Thégonnec and Huelgoat

We stopped to cook our lunch at the very nicely kitted out free aire at St Thégonnec with hedge parking bays and free water (at least for our visit!).  We are wondering if some places don’t charge out of season, as various aires have the vidanges with slots for coins or jetons, but none-the-less, the water is available.  We’re not complaining! – and will make use of these while we can!

A brief visit followed to the village church with its rather ornate stone carvings (all depictions of this and that), but not of particular interest to us. More a case of as we were in the village, we may as well have a look!


image2-10 image3-8

From there we drove about half an hour to get to the Huelgoat aire which is tacked on to one of the camp sites ‘Camping du Lac’.


We took a brief walk through the campsite (clearly closed until July), but on foot you can enter the grounds.  We saw the tennis courts and swimming pool, and crossed over the stream by a small footbridge bringing us back onto the path parallel to the aire.


A free aire, but if you want water, you pay 5 Euros extra (we don’t!).   We filled up with free water at the last stop, and they’re frequent enough.

Supper was ‘light’. Fried onions, baked beans and curry powder combined (very delicious!), followed by drop scones, Breton made vanilla ice-cream (Michael bought at Super U), and a generous pouring of real maple syrup. Very delish!!! Hot chocolate to finish!



Blowy this evening but sunny, and not hot thankfully!

Took a little walk to stretch our legs before bed – it’s light so much later over here.

We’ll explore Huelgoat tomorrow.

Next day

Michael worked all morning and then we had lunch at the ‘Hotel du Lac’, a ‘Logis de France’ registered restaurant, which are usually pretty reliable. Another time we’re there in the future we shall enjoy trying their wood stove pizzas! Looked excellent!


After lunch we did a one and a quarter hour amble through the forest of giant stones and streams – very lovely and impressive!



We had planned to get a cycle in around the lake, but didn’t get to fit that in, but again, perhaps another time we’re in the area, which is always a possibility.

Interestingly, Huelgoat is pronounced
oo el gwat

We were intrigued to know the correct pronunciation and so asked at the restaurant, and at the tourism office – how’s that for thoroughness!

We have been practicing saying it ever since! haha! – well, not quite!

It’s been a good visit

Anyway, a few more photos of Huelgoat.

image1-14 image2-12




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