Evran Aire – our last night

image1-17 image2-13

We’re sat on board at the Evran Aire, just 10 mins from lovely Dinan, and 35 mins from St Malo where we get our boat.

We’ve not used this aire before, but can see us using it more in fact.  It is a free aire with free water!  It’s very spacious, visually very pleasant with plenty of trees and grassy areas, and the lake and surrounding path (ideal for a cycle) is on its doorstep.   Oh, and a separate fishing lake with permits purchasable locally, and a man made beach at the main lake so swimming is an option too.

Even in high season, I suspect there’d always be somewhere to park here.  So yes, a really good one!  Brilliant off season as we have a nice big gap between us and our neighbours!   No TV noise!

Being our last night, after having made the quick, easy and tasty red prawn curry, I ‘had’ to make a batch of drop scones, which of course we ‘had’ to have with vanilla Ice-cream and maple syrup!

I tried to guilt free mine a bit with slices of nectarine,


whereas Michael wanted his unadulterated so had his without one of his five a day, and instead had an Irish Cream ‘Margot’ liqueur with it!!!


So back to Jersey tomorrow, but not before we’ve squeezed in a little lunch in the lovely Dinan!

We might fit a pre-lunch cycle around the Evran lake to help counteract all our last minute bad eating!!!


We’ll be back in France very shortly, so until then!

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