Saint Nicolas de Pelem – Etang de Pelenec

We have driven about an hour or so to get to tonight’s stop.  We called by at about 2 aires en-route, Glomel was a bit too busy for our liking (though near to a very nice lake – but one you can’t overnight at!), and Rostrenen aire was fine, but as it was early, we thought we’d keep motoring and come up with something a bit more inspiring.  Rostrenen one is by the main road.

After an hour or so we saw a sign for an Etang (lake) and thought we’d investigate.

We’re now parked up by it.  There are no signs saying no motorhomes, and it’s very quiet here, just 2 or 3 properties a stones throw, but unlikely to be perturbed by us, so we’ve cooked our sausage supper, and are enjoying our solitary spot.   Wild camping basically!

We should be braver and wild camp a lot more, (we used to) particularly in Brittany where one feels so safe, as we would most of France in fact.  The only thing with wild camping, there’s always that little ‘what if’ someone knocked on your door!  The good thing about the aires, being official overnighters, that is never going to be a problem.  However, for the hard to beat experience of not being lumped together with other vans, and in a venue all of your own, and generally off the beaten track to some degree, and picturesque, it does remind us that it’s probably more than worth that small, even minuscule chance of a knock at the door!

I’ll let you know tomorrow!!!!



The Etang we’re parked up by

image3-11 image4-11

Our sausage supper – tasty chipolatas from Super U


Well, had an uninterrupted evening and night, hearing no-one outside until 9.30am this morning when a few cars start arriving and various folk with a variety of briefcases, document wallet folders and shopping bags make their way into the auberge across the way.

We’ve been joking it’s the local council holding an emergency meeting regarding the problem with camping cars using the plan d’Eau!

Hopefully if we call be here in the future for another peaceful solitary overnighter, there won’t be a motorhomes/camping cars forbidden sign!!! – if yes, maybe it’ll be down to us!!!


‘Auberge Le Pelinec’ – probably a very nice little place for an overnight stay if you travel by car and need a bed for the night.  Nice views of the Etang!

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