Mortain and Les Cascades

All we’ve done in Mortain so far is sit on board in the rain! image1-14 So glad we are on board our little home! Had a very nice ‘Tarte Flambé’ and mixed green salad for lunch followed by a chocolate mousse. image2-13 Michael has resumed working, and I’ve washed up, varnished my nails, made a supply of vinaigrette dressing, (an essential!) – I keep a bottle of it on the go, I’ve melted dark almond chocolate with milk almond chocolate with a view to creating a healthier version than milk, but not headache promoting like dark can be! – well, to us anyway! – and only takes 2 cubes! image3-12 I have spooned the luscious liquid delight into my mini Madeleine tray, and put it to set in the fridge. image4-11 My next activity will be to make some Yorkshire pudding batter to accompany the little Waitrose beef joint we hooked out of our Jersey freezer. We ate lunch just before 3pm, so as it’s not even 5pm yet, no rush to get that in the oven! Might make us a cuppa though! So yes, not seeing much of Mortain yet, though in actual fact, due to most of it having been bombed in the Second World War, it’s just the sadly neglected old chateau in the square here, image1-15 image1-16 image2-14 image3-13 image5-8 and the 2 waterfalls (somewhere!), and the old abbey (Abbaye Blanche), outside Mortain (which we’ll see once we leave hopefully).  It’s unused now, but visitable, and it would be good to see that and its cloisters if we can.

It amuses me that it’s been raining non stop here in Mortain, and we’re parked across from their free water tap!!!  Perhaps this is why they don’t charge for it!

Once the rain had stopped last night we spent about 1 1/2 hours walking through the forest at Montrain to see the 2 waterfalls (cascades).

“La Grande Cascade”

IMG_2293 FullSizeRender

and the ‘La Petite Cascade’ which surprisingly we found more stunning than the other.   Both were worth seeing though and incorporated a very pleasant walk, but it was nice to save (in our opinions), the best until last!


“La Petite Cascade”

image2-15 image3-14

More of “La Petit Cascade”, waterfall Montrain, Manche, Normandy

image5-9 image2-16 image3-15 image4-12 image6

So after our enjoyable ramble through the forest at Montrain to see the 2 Cascades (Waterfalls), we arrived back at the van ready to put our feet up to a mug of hot chocolate and chocolate Madeleines and a few strawberries!


It had been a good night’s stop at the free aire there with free water and the visit to the waterfalls.  Great too to wake up to a sunny day!

IMG_2384 IMG_2385

On our way out of Montrain we couldn’t resist treating ourselves to a ‘Croissant aux Amandes’, which was duly halved and shared! – and unsurprisingly very tasty too! – and likely gone straight to my hips!!! – hence limit the damage and bought only the one to share!


Happy chappie!


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