Ducey (Evening) and St Hilaire du Harcouet

‘Aldi’ pizza supper, plenty of ‘Kindle’ reading time for Michael, and blogging for me! – both sat outside and it’s well gone 9pm.


The river is not visible from here, but is behind us through the greenery – we will check out there’s not a path through for a pre-bedtime walk.

We did find a route down to the river and took a nice walk along it for a short stretch before we were led up to the road.

image3-7 image4-6

From this point we walked past the ‘Coeuer du Lion’ factory

image1-8 image2-7

– and around quiet country roads, past the old station house (now a rather neglected private home) and back along the stretch of, now cycle track.

image1-9 image2-8
Michael sat outside and read until late,

image4-7 image3-8

and I took myself off to bed.  By this time it was well past 11pm.

The following morning we got a cycle ride in, as well as sharing a ‘pain au raisin’, before making tracks

There’s plenty of cycling track available with the discontinued railway


Next day we motored on just a little to the market town of Saint Hilaire du Harcouet.

We had our lunch parked up in the motorhome aire parking under the church/cathedral (not sure which! – but large either way), and had a walk around the (also!) large plan d’eau (lake).

We have not stayed parked there though as when we walked around the plan d’eau we came across a car park with a couple of motorhomes set up for the night and have joined them (so to speak!) as there’s the bonus of a view of the lake from here.

image1-12 image2-11 image4-10

Have had our supper and plan to get a little cycle ride in along the riverside before it gets dusky.


It’s been another very nice day – warm and sunny, just how we like it!

More of Saint Hilaire du Harcouet

We got our extra cycle ride in this evening.


You’ll notice the official free
motorhome parking around the church/cathedral. We lunched here, but have since moved to the more scenic plan d’eau, lakeside car park, along with a few other motorhomers.





image1-10 image2-9 image3-9 image4-8

Monday in Saint Hilaire

Washed my hair and decided to give it a trim – I have trimmed my hair for years now and like the self sufficiency of doing so.  I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the pampering in a salon, but all at a price!  It’s very satisfying being able to trim it while we’re on these extended trips too!


Whipped up all the hair trimmings on the shower room floor with my new little toy!


Michael’s been working all morning so I have been cleaning the dash board and inside of both our doors which were looking a bit in need of attention.   I did a few other areas too, but really it could do with a general exterior wash and clean, but sadly I’m not married to a Sunday morning car washer – for better or for worse!!!

Just made a coffee and will now varnish my nails.  Yes, nails!  I’ve always been a nail biter, and grow them in fits and starts after immense periods of struggle due to lack of willpower.  Hmmmm!!!!  While we were away in Brittany that 2 weeks, with the help of a Sally Hansen nail product, I have, once again, got a nice set!

Wonder how long for?!!!!  Another hmmm!!!


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