Sains and Ducey (Normandy Trip – Day 1)

All ready to leave home


We set off from home at 7.45am, and arrived at St Helier Harbour about 5 minutes later as there were no queues of traffic being a Saturday. We certainly live conveniently for the ferry, which nowadays, bearing in mind our new lifestyle of working away whilst touring with the motorhome, is very convenient.



Lovely smooth sea, good friends on board to chat to and while away much of the 1 hour and 20 minutes, so a great crossing!

St Malo!


Called in at an Aldi for some extra provisions (having hauled everything out of my fridge!) as well as other bits from home. It’s always lovely to have a well stocked van, and particularly so it being Sunday tomorrow and shops shut generally.

Drove around 20/30 mins to ‘Sains’ to check out their Motorhome stop, but not up for paying 5 Euros when planty are free, but did see signs for their ‘l’etang’, (Etang du Pas Gérault), so thought we’d check it out for a lunch stop, and very nice too! Pretty, peaceful and barely anyone around. Just how we like it!


Had our baguette lunch on board overlooking the lake and then took a walk around it.


image3-2 image4-1 image5

image1-1 image2-1 image3-1

Got back on the road and next place we called in at was ‘Ducey’.

Arrived at Ducey and parked up and took a little walk to get a feel for the place.


Fortuitously, (lovely word! – underused!), the old ‘Chateau des Montgommery’ at Ducey was open, with free entry to an art exhibition. Had it not been free we’d not have bothered!



An intriguing property, and the story goes that it had belonged in 3 parts to 3 English brothers Montgommery. 2 lived side by side in the chateau, and the other in the additional property adjacent to it. Presumably just one brother would not/could not pay his window tax, and so as a forfeit, his half of the chateau was demolished!!! We don’t suppose he demolished it himself to avoid tax!

We were told this by 2 local artists at the chateau exhibition – presumably all true! Would love to know categorically! Certainly a fascinating tale, true or not! and whatever the reason, the chateau has indeed lost half of itself!!!

image4-2 image5-1








image3-5 image4-4 image5-3

We saw signs for the woods (Bois d’Ardennes) a few minutes drive on, so fitted in another half hour walk amongst the dapple lit trees.  That should help offset our baguette lunch and pizza supper!  Carbs and more carbs!!!






Explored some more this afternoon in the van, (including to the barrage de Vezins)


enjoying very much the Normandy countryside, before returning to Ducey’s free, spacious and functional aire, where we shall spend the night.

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