La Suisse Normande (Day 2)

Pont d’Ouilly where we just took a half hour stroll around the town

Pont d’Ouilly made a very pleasant stop for a coffee eclair breakfast! – well half each to be precise! We generally hold off eating until lunchtime, (trying to keep on top of our weight!) but the lure of an eclair aux café (hopefully spelled correctly!) was just too tempting!

We sat on a picnic bench riverside to eat it and watch the world go by – fishermen and kayakers specifically.

En route to Roche d’Oetre we disappointingly found the ‘Le Chateau Ganne a la Pommeraye’ closed, but enjoyed the woodland stroll up to the gated site.

Continuing the drive with the ‘Rochers des Parcs’ behind us.

La Roche D’Oetre

Roche d’Oetre

A cafe, and separate gift shop with comfy seating area to read any of the numerous free holiday brochures you choose – plus free Wifi.

From the main viewing point

The main viewing point

Plenty of parking

with designated mororhome/camping cars area, ideal to stop at for a spot of lunch if you haven’t indeed used the café

I rather like these lean smoked bacon rounds from Lidl. They were ideal for our round Pita pockets with avocado and salad leaves. Fry up in moments!

Old factory/industrial works at ‘Pont des Vers’, Le Mesnil Villement

I love old places like this – perhaps not appealing to everyone!

I love the atmosphere monochrome brings to a photographic image

4th night at La Ferriere aux Etangs

Parked up in a different spot

French saucisse for lunch

A walk in the woods

Evening stroll around the lake

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