La Ferriere to La Fresnaye

Set off from the brilliant Aire at La Ferriere aux Etangs for the last time this trip – but undoubtedly will make use of it if/when passing through in the future.

20 minutes drive on we stopped at La Ferté Macé. We pulled in at our favourite grocery shop!

and seeing the local lake across the road, drove around to where motorhomes can park. It’s not an Aire, but if you needed a last minute overnight stop, would do nicely.

We took a 30 minute walk around this well equipped local amenity (leisure pursuits for all!), as well as a café, but being a good sized lake, the whole place retained its sense of peace and quiet and visual attraction.

Had our lunch there on board, but not feeling overly energetic due to the heat!

Chateau de Carrouges

We stopped by the Chateau de Carrouges and enjoyed a brief walk around the chateau grounds – just a half hour visit pretty much and long enough for me to take some photos (as I like to!).


This charming ‘mini’ chateau makes a grand entrance for the actual main chateau.

image1-26 IMG_3322 IMG_3330 IMG_3338 IMG_3342

This would seem to be a very nice rural Aire. It’s on the site of what had been the municipal camp site, but bar the signpost, wooden facility hut, and some outdoor lights (which don’t get used either now), there is nothing left of it.

Instead now, there’s a good sized space ideal as an Aire, right next to the forest (with public access for walking) and a vidange/borne for toilet and grey water emptying and free fresh potable/drinkable water! Excellent!

When we arrived, we had the space to ourselves, but that was short lived as is usually the case, and 3 more motorhomes arrived, but all thankfully found locations away from each other (unlike the all too usual deck chair mentality!). There is little worse than a Motorhome arriving and parking right up by you when there is no need!!! So annoying!!!! – particularly when you are up on your levels (cheeses!) and it would be an inconvenience to move.

Actually, my pet hate, TV noise, didn’t happen last night! Bliss! It’s heartening to see not everyone has to watch TV in the evenings but just enjoy the peaceful setting. Like us, they ate late and enjoyed the outdoors, and in their cases turned in to bed at reasonable hour.

Some of our fellow campers enjoying their al-fresco suppers!

Rather confusing as this place is down as Sarthe, Loire, but the forest placque differs!

Entrance to the forest right next to the Aire

After our forest walk we went down a couple of the minor roads near here

Sun setting behind the rooftops – ours included!

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