Motorhome Aire at La Fresnaye sur Chedouet, Sarthe, Loire (Day 2)

Even in the heatwave it wasn’t hard to find a cooler retreat with the forest on our doorstep. We enjoyed a super evening too sat in the shade of the trees with our neighbour motorhomers from England, Jim and his wife D.IMG_3496It was too hot to do much at all, so a mixed bag of salad and pizza were a welcome port of call! – making good use of the currently lone picnic bench.


It came up in conversation that my birthday was the next day, and ever so sweetly, and I was really touched, the next morning, before they left, D put together some little gifts for me. I was presented with freshly picked woodland flowers, a citronella birthday candle and a card, written with lovely message. I think I appreciated these little gifts so much, partly as that’s the sort of thing I’d have done for someone myself (so great minds think alike!) – but also, very simply, I knew that would be the sum total of cards and gifts on my birthday! Michael no longer buys me presents finding me fussy! – and he forgot to organise a card! – so a genuine thank you D, what you did there, and the loving thought that went into each of those things, was truly special and memorable!


After Jim and D made tracks, and we’d exchanged email addresses and waived them on their way, we fitted in a hair cut for Michael (my debut with the clippers!). Seems to have been successful! Whilst we’re on the road, it’s good to be as self sufficient as possible and so as much as we can achieve for ourselves the better! One trip was 5 weeks duration and Michael’s hair is long overdue by then!

IMG_3570 image1-27So lunched, hair cut, motorhome readied with fresh water, and so forth, we set off, having appreciated use of this very nice Aire for 2 nights. Lovely forest with clear foot paths – made a very welcome shelter from the heat of the day, and also so pretty! If you’re staying in your Motorhome, the forest is literally on your doorstep! There’s a wooden picnic bench to make use of too! Ideally another one or two wouldn’t hurt, but grateful of even one! As I may have said, the site was the ‘camping municipal’, which is no more, but brilliantly is now turned over to the use of motorhomers with free water at the vidange/bourne standpoint, bottle bins, but currently no general rubbish bin, so as we did, you’ll need to dispose of your bags of rubbish somewhere else considerately. Hopefully the village will provide some general rubbish bins on site before long. Everyone using the place for walks and picnics needs somewhere to responsibly dispose of their rubbish in however inconsequential a quantity. Great site though and much appreciated! Merci!

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