Sophie’s Birthday Part 2 – Lassay Les Chateaux to Saint Fraimbault de Prières

As we begin a new adventure to Germany, we’re just playing catch-up with our blog from where we left off on Sophie’s Birthday in early July. Since we arrived back home a few days after then life has been pretty hectic, so apologies for the next few late postings. In a few days you will start to see our “2015 08 – Germany” blog posts! 

Please “Follow” this blog to keep informed whenever there’s a new post. As you know, we don’t blog every day, and only when we’re away, but we’re conscious of not wanting to bother everyone with an email each time we do. The alternative has been that those who might want to follow our travels are having to check on a random basis, which is not very efficient, because there’ll either be no change since you last looked, or you might feel overfaced with several posts to catch up on. 

Please just press the “Follow” button, which, in theory, should appear when you look at the blog. This seems to be the ideal solution, because if you’d like to keep in touch then by “following” you’ll get an email with a link to our latest blog whenever we post. Also, feel free to make any comments or ask any questions directly in the blog. 

This blog is designed to be in the public domain, so feel free to pass on the link to anyone who might be vaguely interested in a couple who are trying to travel in their motorhome round Europe as much as they can get away! The “About” page provides a bit more background 

Many thanks 



Sophie’s Birthday Part 2 – Lassay Les Chateaux to Saint Fraimbault de Prières 

Stopped here to eat the birthday cakes! Pleasant riverside town. 



Where we’re parked here is legitimate overnight parking 




Spacious location by this reservoir lake ideal for overnighting. Could have stayed longer had we wished to. As it was my birthday however, we continued on our journey to do more sightseeing. We had the night to ourselves there, just sharing the car park that evening with a few fishermen’s cars. We stayed over into lunchtime the next day by which time only one motorhome had arrived. We filled up with free water 5 mins away at the perfectly decent little Aire at Saint Loup du Gast. 




View from the reservoir bridge 


The reservoir (which is out of sight from where we parked up). Great to walk onto for the view though! 


Stroll along the lakeside with lovely pastureland around you. So picturesque! – and wonderfully peaceful!

The sunset was incredible!









A spectacular sunset to round off my birthday!

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