The open road from Suippes to Verdun via Sainte Menehould

After Reims, we found an Aire in a town called Suippes. 

Next day, we headed off from Suippes after our Greek salad lunch on board, calling in at Lidl on the way out for a few necessary (and unnecessary, though feel necessary!) provisions! – the latter being more ice-cream and more crisps! 

In this hot weather it’s always good to hit the open road. We’ve had plenty of cooling air driving along these great stretches, and though the scenery has been vast expanses of this prairie land, it hasn’t felt at all monotonous, with trees dotted here and there and slight undulations to the land, green fields, ‘golden’ ploughed fields, and fertiliser dusted fields (the latter not a great aroma, but you’ve soon driven beyond it!). 

The smooth relaxing ride is occasionally punctuated with the brief judder of a passing truck! – an experience somewhat unnerving the first time!

We were low in fuel so stopped to replenish at the little ‘oasis’ of Sainte Menehould before resuming our journey on towards Verdun. 

My supply of M&S butter mints continues to deplete! 
A rather unusual arrival visually at Verdun I have to say, not that I had any particular expectations.

We didn’t bother pulling in at the aire, instead driving another moment or two to the tourist attraction car park of the tourist attraction we end up not bothering visiting!
I’m not great on all things with a claustrophobic potential, so the thought of tunnels didn’t exactly enthuse me! Michael fancied visiting the war tunnels, and we made it just inside to the ticket office, but after seeing the slow progression of the modest queue and reckoning it was probably fairly predictable anyway, (and not dissimilar likely to what we have in Jersey), he decided he wasn’t that bothered himself, so we saved ourselves 8 Euros each and me a potential panic attack! Bonus!  
As I said, I had no particular expectation of Verdun in visual terms, but certainly wouldn’t have been happy to drive off without at least a drive through of the town, which is what we did. 
Parked up and took a nice leisurely walk around Verdun with it’s lovely canal with barges and promenade cafés and restaurants. 

A town well worth a visit 
Lovely day for it!


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