Verdun to Montmédy

Wednesday night, how could we not stay at this quiet informal aire which shares the same name root meaning as our surname – Ballastière/Larbalestier (the crossbowman)!
Michael was using ‘Campercontact’, a Dutch app, which we’ve been making very good use of even before this trip, and is proving invaluable yet again, as that stop, and last night’s, we’re not in the ‘All the Aires’ book that we use so much. 
It’s great to have all these resources at our finger tips in our daily search of a stop for the night. Makes life so much easier!

That stay, we had the whole site to ourselves until mid evening when a Dutch campervan arrived, but they weren’t antisocial in any way, so the peacefulness was not spoilt.  

Michael would say his only disappointment of the stay was having a bowl of homemade soup presented to him at supper time, when he’d have been hoping for a nice griddled chop or something! 

To be fair, it wasn’t the most exciting soup, as I was using up some broccoli and butternut squash, and the broccoli rather dominated, making for a somewhat, duck pond looking soup!!! Hey ho! Lots of nutritional goodness, even if little pleasure on the palate! Haha!😉

The next morning, we moved to the shade of some trees for a working morning for Michael. 
The Dutch folk and a fishermen or two remained the only other inhabitants of this, in effect, wild camp. 
With this very hot weather, home made iced tea is rather more welcome than a hot drink! Thank goodness for freezer compartments!  
Lunch was appreciated far more too than the previous night’s supper! It was a Greece, meets, Italy, meets France scenario! Not yet sick of, tasty, refreshing and healthy Greek salad, with some shavings of Italian cured ham, and a nice bottle of crisp white and very chilled French wine! It made amends for the swampy soup! 😉
We called in at Montmedy yesterday to make the most of our first free water find of this trip. Filled up, both had showers at the aire 2 mins along the road, and re-filled up!  

There was no time in fact to go into the citadel, so we made tracks for Sedan as planned. 

When I don’t get to see a place, I like to research it on Google, see photos and read about its history – it’s not as good of course, but better than a pie in the face! 

Normally we don’t have any time constraints, but we needed to get to shop for a few bits before closing.


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