Montmédy to Sedan

Sedan – Chateau & Town

Over 24 years ago, we had overnighted with a hire car in Sedan when we did our 10 day fly drive trip to Cologne in Germany, and newly expectant, made as much of our 10 day visit as we could!

Funnily enough, it was such a whistle stop tour we never visited Sedan per se! We certainly have never seen the magnificent chateau before, which I have since read is, the largest surviving medieval castle in Europe even! I think! – but don’t quote me! – memory accuracy variable!!! 😉

Returning them to Sedan seems very appropriate! – and geographically on our trip, quite a significant marker point as you will see from the map above. 

We could have got here sooner, but our travelling is about as staying time constraint free as possible, and with a month to use, pointless to have tried to get here any quicker!

The outer wall, where we approached the chateau from, as you will agree, is less than inspiring, but it is remarkable what beautiful gem of a place opens up once you walk through the short tunnelled entrance (No charge).

After we had put up the blinds and locked up securely, we set out on our walking exploration of Sedan and its chateau and town, and very worthwhile a visit it proved to be. 

We could have wild camped below the castle walls, in various places, but Michael had other plans for that night stop, so we just enjoyed our evening stroll around in the cooler conditions. 

Sedan with its splendid chateau is well worth a visit. 

We were there with ideal lighting for photos!

That’s probably enough Sedan photos for now. But there will be some more later! Sorry!

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