Beaufort (Luxembourg) to Graach (Mosel Valley, Germany)

We did achieve visiting the castle as I had hoped. Having conveniently overnighted in their car park, we visited leisurely the next morning.  
The admission charge was a very reasonable 5 Euros per adult, with the option of an additional visit to the Renaissance chateau next door for 10 Euros. We were happy just to visit the medieval castle. We had been looking at its majestic exterior these last however many hours and it intrigued me all the more to see inside. 
It turned out to be money well spent as there was plenty to see within those old walls as regards the structural skeleton of the place, its design and room spaces, not least the the forboding dungeon and torture chamber!  

Had I featured in that castle way back then, then I’d have preferred to be a noble lady in fine dress in the ‘women’s room’ as it was called, likely doing some kind of tapestry or something, or there again, maybe it would have been less dull being a cook in the kitchens! Actually, I think I’m rather grateful to have been born in my part of history as imperfect as it is!  

It’s easy to romanticise life in times past with thoughts of dashing men on their chargers and ladies in beautiful long dresses and so forth, but at the end of the day they didn’t have our modern conveniences of anti perspirant and shower gel etc, so whether a sweaty bloke would have been so appealing, I doubt very much!!! – but perhaps we’d all have been a bit sniffy then!!!😉

It’s been a bit of a wet trip this last couple of days, but thankfully the weather was dry for our castle visit at the impressive Chateau Beaufort. 

Climbing the narrow winding turret steps as we did in places, it always amazes me how the women of those days in their long dresses coped! I barely manage in trousers! – and that’s going at a snails pace, concerned not to trip up the stairs, let alone fall down them! I find it hard to believe their weren’t a lot of accidents from falling down flights of steep stone staircases back then! – and the lighting wouldn’t have been great either of course! Goodness! – the things we take so for granted in our time of history! – not to mention flushing loos!😉 – and a whole host of other things!!!  
The stairs in the following photos are all very civilised – I don’t think the dodgy narrow spiral ones feature in any as of course I was hanging on to the old metal handrail for dear life!!! No hands free for a camera!!!😉
As we climbed the stone stairs to the top of the castle, we could see our motorhome parked up as well as spying the Renaissance Chateau next door to the medieval one we were visiting. 

Before we left the Chateau we bought a modest sized bottle of their rather delicious blackcurrant cassis liqueur. I suspect we could have enjoyed a larger bottle equally! The cherry Kir was a little too strong for our tastes to want to purchase any – a little too much like fire water, albeit a flavoursome one! I guess ideal for making a Black Forest cake or cheese fondue, but for those who did enjoy it, wasted not to enjoy it as it is!

We walked the short distance alongside the castle lake so as to enjoy the view back up towards the chateau.  
Next we continued on our journey 
Trier, our doorway to Germany and the Mosel Valley

Having driven through France, and briefly through Belgium and Luxembourg, we finally arrive at our country destination of Germany, entering at Trier. 

The weather is less than inspiring being at best dull, but as today, constant rain! I shall keep reminding myself of my extreme discomfort of the recent heatwave! 

Anyway, you’ll see the distinct character of this part of the world from the photos, albeit less than in its most flattering light!

We continue our journey today in the Mosel valley, whatever the weather! – our spirits not dampened! 


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