Graach to Brodenbach via Cochem

Driving along the Mosel in the rain is rather less than inspiring it has to be said. I guess to be fair the same would be said of driving anywhere in the rain!
We had passed campsite after campsite, so no shortage of places to stay, but we never like to settle on the first we see, preferring to get a feel for what is available. 

Anyway, plumped for where we did stay on the basis it didn’t look overly populated. We settled a bit away from our fellow campers, yet still with a view of the river. The weather wasn’t even good enough for a stroll riverside, so we stayed onboard.  

Brought a bit of sunshine into the situation with a rather stunning looking Lidl ‘Parasol’ Spritz! – which we’re rather enjoying, having only discovered it this trip.  

With a couple of chicken fillets in the fridge and wondering what to do with them, I crushed up some cracker biscuits (Michael having eaten my planned to use last slices of bread – hmmm!) and did us homemade chicken schnitzel. It was very successful! He reckoned my minor irritation at him having eaten my vital ingredient would be well vented whilst I crushed the crackers and bashed the breasts with an empty Belgian beer bottle!!! 😉

I have to say, this trip, I have re-discovered the simple pleasure of eating ice-cream daily!!! 😉
Cochem has been the first place we’ve stopped to explore since touring along the Mosel. It is (as our friend Shane suggested), well worth visiting. Thanks Shane!  

Even in less than flattering a light and somewhat drizzly, Cochem was very attractive a town. We were approached by an English couple who spotted our Jersey registration plate. Christine’s sister lives in Jersey it turned out! Michael and Christine as they were called, also highly rated Cochem and encouraged us to ignore the disappointing weather and take a stroll into the town, which we did. 

It was well worth doing that, and we enjoyed ambling along the busy little back streets lined with shops and eateries, taking in all the new visual experiences, no least the menus that were gobbledygook to me!  

Cochem is a must visit on the Mosel – easily the highlight for us – even though the sun didn’t want to shine!

Whilst ambling around Cochem, and feeling peckish, we bought our first Bratwurst takeaway, and very enjoyable it was! – plus it saved me cooking! 

We stumbled across this great little, free motorhome aire, at picturesque Brodenbach as we continued our journey along the Mosel, having left lovely Cochem behind us. 

There was an Italian restaurant here certainly, and other eateries, though we didn’t eat out having had our Bratwurst supper at Cochem.  

We enjoyed a leisurely stroll alongside the river before bedtime, and had a very restful night alongside a surprisingly quiet road, with quiet neighbours! Ideal! Couldn’t ask for more!


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