Würzburg Town and Palace

After we had finished our great visit to the Marienberg fortress with its breathtaking panoramic views over the city, we headed down the hill. We parked for the night up be the river along with a lot of other motorhomes, in a legitimate parking area, and for the good value sum of just 3 Euros. There were no facilities there, but we already had a decent supply of water on board, an empty toilet cassette and grey water tank, so that was the main thing. For those of you unfamiliar with motorhoming, those are the critical matters! – plenty of fresh water, somewhere legitimate to empty your used (grey) water, and most certainly somewhere legitimate to empty your toilet cassette! – or you’ll be searching for the public loos! – which from my many years of pre-motorhoming holidays, are often less than pleasant! – in fact some are positively rank! 
So all sorted on these essential matters, we parked up, locked up and headed, on foot, along the towpath, crossing a lovely old stone bridge into what we can definitely report back as, very lovely, stunning in fact, Wurzburg.

Again, I hope the photos will give as much credit to the lovely place as is possible in just 2D!

More photos of Würzburg later!

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