Marktheidenfeld to Würzburg

Marienberg Fortress

We had absolutely no idea what to expect of Wurzburg other than Michael knew it was at the start of the ‘Romantic Road’.  
I’m not sure I even looked it up in our Germany travel guidebook until we got there.  

We decided to head to the Marienberg Fortress, located high up on a hill overlooking Wurzburg. This was down as one of the main tourist attractions. We paid just a few euros to park and headed on into the walled fortress. It wasn’t hard to see why it’s rated so highly, and the views from up there are absolutely incredible! Stunning! 

Anyway, I shall let the photos (and there are quite a few!) do it as much justice as is possible in 2D!   

The amazing view over Wurzburg



More from Würzburg town tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Marktheidenfeld to Würzburg

  1. Hi M&S,

    Amazing views and great pictures. We are now back at Chateau Cherry Croft after a restful week end at Beauvelande. Friday evening was good hot and sunny, but saturday evening the heavens opened and the rain just poured and poured and poured and poured from about 3am to 10am. we felt sorry for the campers but later on the sun came out and we were able to go for a walk around the lanes until a passerby told us that a large dog was on the loose and the owner could not control it so given Tanya’s love of dogs (NOT) we hightailed it back to the campsite quick smart/on the double to reach safety :-).
    Job still going okay and the Director seems to be happy with the work I am doing, (praise the Lord)

    Will you be coming back the same route? Look forward to catching up again soon. We are still not sure what our plans will be for October but we still have time.
    Look forward to hearing more of your travels.


    1. Hi K&T

      Apologies for the late replies. We’ve had several of days with a weaker Internet connection. Great to hear you’re visiting all your local chateaus and enjoying the wildlife! We almost visited a wolf and bear park yesterday, and as far as we know none had escaped!

      Keep up the good work at the office, and thanks so much for following our adventures. The posts are several days behind where we actually are – we like to make sure you only get one post per day, otherwise you’d get thoroughly bored.

      We’ll actually be crossing the German/French border shortly, in the early hours! We dropped in unexpectedly on Karlsruhe this afternoon, and found out there was going to be a free major public film & sound show projected on their magnificent palace – starts in 15 mins & we’re sat in our folding chairs in great anticipation. Sophie’s not too sure, but as I wasn’t allowed to watch an actual Deep Purple concert we came across by accident a few days ago, she’s letting me see this! She’ll love it.

      Anyway, better get myself prepared!

      More comments to follow


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