Würzburg to Weikersheim 

Tauberbischofsheim – continuing along the ‘Romantic Road’ Bavaria, Germany
Another town (can’t remember it’s name sorry!)

We stayed overnight in the free parking at Weikersheim, and enjoyed a visit to the beautiful schloss and gardens as well as having lunch in the town square. This was our first German cuisine in almost 25 years!  

I have to say, though I wouldn’t be wise to eat it daily for my waistline, the noodles with melted cheese and finely sliced deep fried onion was pretty yummy!  

It had been a showery morning, but thankfully didn’t stop us from getting out, and we didn’t need the umbrellas in the end. Sitting in the pretty square posed no risk either from rain with their huge table umbrellas sheltering us. As it happens it didn’t rain anymore the rest of our visit to this pretty town with its must visit castle and gardens. 
The gardens were Versailles inspired and I have to say, absolutely gorgeous with their stunning backdrop. The area is not vast by some standards but has been so cleverly used in the garden design it lacks for nothing. A real gem!

I was determined to visit and was so glad that the rain held off and the light was adequate for some pretty reasonable photos. No dramatic shadows or anything, but you can’t always have it all unfortunately! Still, it makes its own beauty without extra help being essential. 


Weikersheim and our Bavarian 32nd anniversary lunch



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