Rothenburg to Dinkelbühl

Carrying along the route, we paid an overnight visit to Rothenberg. 10 Euros, which isn’t cheap by our normal standards, but is cheap if you think about a bed for two for the night. Water would be extra, but very cheap. We didn’t need to top up. 
Having had a filling lunch, we weren’t overly hungry (just as well!), and just stayed put on board for the evening.  

Had a decent spot in the aire and slept pretty well bar the usual bonkers dreams that I always have. Seem to have loads! Maybe that’s partly reflective of a restless sleep – I did wake a few times I remember. 

This morning Michael worked for a while and we headed into the old walled medieval town sometime around lunchtime.  

Just as well we decided against taking the bikes as being cobbled streets it would have been like riding bone shakers! – plus, as Michael said, more awkward for me to take photos! True! 

We had a thorough amble around this historically hugely significant town, following the free town map, plus fitted in a visit to the Medieval Crime and Justice Museum (of which there was no justice in Medieval times!).

Business phone call to Guernsey!

Nice weather for our visit!

No, Michael is not looking at cigars! – they’re sausages. We had a ‘Bratwurst’ in a bread roll each! Yum!

We have never come across pastries and cakes like these German ones before. This was kind of cakey/bready with cream and topped with almonds. I chose a plain bread pretzel instead, called ‘Breze’ from recollection, but had a couple of bites of his to try it. Preferred mine in fact, but I guess that meant more of his for him! – not that he found it especially yummy, but certainly pleasant enough I think. 


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