We drove through this pretty town earlier today, found a free aire right outside and so decided to stay the night. 
We walked into town earlier on and had a bite to eat at an Italian restaurant.  

There wasn’t a free table outside when we arrived, but by pudding time there was, so we moved out to a lovely pavement table for dessert and coffee, and I didn’t even need my cardigan. Lovely!

It was very pleasant walking around the illuminated town on our way home – just a leisurely stroll back. 

Nice Italian restaurant called ‘Piazza’.  

I get the feeling I eat quickly!!!

5 thoughts on “Dinkelbühl

      1. Hi K&T

        You’re right – that’s a good read. It’s Adam and Sophie from Motorhomewifi.co.uk – you actually gave me their brochure from the Motorhome Show, which has helped me immensely with my wifi working setup. I use an app called Trail Wallet which helps me readily record all expenses, which I can then export to Excel!


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