Landsberg am Lech

We arrived at Landsberg am Lech in the rain, and found our way to our 7 Euro overnight stop at the spacious town aire, conveniently located for our exploring the following day. 
Woke up to sunshine! Set out, having photographed the tourist route map of the town from the signboard at the aire. A very handy thing to have! We always get hold of one somehow – either from the Tourist Office or, when they are sometimes closed on our arrival into towns, these sign boards. They just make life easy. You know you have a route prepared that takes in all the points of interest and in the most energy saving way, ie no going around in circles or whatever! 

We were a couple of hours leisurely walking, (iPod camera firmly in my hand and ‘clicking’ away), before we decided to stop riverside for a bit of lunch. I couldn’t resist some more cheesy noodles with onions! I have to say, these were not as scrummy as the ones I had the other day, but tasty none-the-less! – kind of like macaroni cheese I guess, comfort food!

More leisurely walking after our enjoyable lunch stop before heading off late afternoon. 

We had a great visit to Landsberg am Lech – really worthwhile. 
It rather amused me to see a Malteser chemist next door to a chocolate shop!  

I guess it was no surprise, and having sampled a shard of delicious chocolate from the taster basket outside the chocolaterie, that walking along the pavement soon after I could have thought I was walking on bars of chocolate deliciousness! Sadly not! Probably for the best though, as my weight has been going up since we got here! 😟

The prison housed Adolph Hitler when he was being tried for treason. It was here he wrote Mein Kampf.  

Michael and I were saying how we forget that Hitler wasn’t actually German!  

The prison is still in use today.  



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