Karlsruhe to Metz via Betschdorf and Bitche

Out of Germany and into Alsace, France, and our first French aire for the return journey, and a free one, plus freewater!

We had a quiet night and headed off from this half timbered French town with its very Germanic name! In fact we soon discovered that the Germanic names theme continues well beyond the border, and this goes back of course to when the borders were in a different location.   
Betschdorf is renowned for its pottery and a fine specimen was at the roundabout!  

Rather unfortunate name!

We stopped at Bitche, partly to shop at Lidl!, but also to visit the citadelle.

There’s also a free motorhome aire below the citadelle, though we didn’t need it as we had only just started our day’s travel. 


 Between Bitche and Metz

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