We stayed overnight at the Metz aire, in fact parking amongst the cars, as the limited motorhome spaces were already taken, and ‘monkey see monkey do’, we did like a fair few other vans, and indeed 2 caravans, and simply parked where we could. 
The aire has a few spaces designated in this otherwise general free car park so it was pot luck really, but we were fortunate to get a rare space. 

We did what we always do when we arrive at a city late in the day. We head out straight away to make the most of the last of the light, not just alto see the place at its best but to get decent photographing light. We were just in the nick of time at Metz!

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk around Metz, and were hugely impressed with this riverside city that we really weren’t at all familiar with. 

I’ll post some more photos later as you can see that Sophie enjoyed photographing this town!

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