Brissac-Quincé to Montreuil-Bellay

We visited this troglodyte village en route:


Whilst pulling in at Le Puy-Notre-Dame to check out the aire, we all took a stroll around the village before moving on. 


Having grabbed a brochure on Montreuil-Bellay from the troglodyte village information desk, we decided to call in as it clearly had a rather splendid chateau. It hadn’t been part of our route, but was barely off-course and looked too good to miss!
Amusingly it turned out we had stayed there on a past trip! I guess it hadn’t been apparent as we clearly had approached the town from a different direction!
What a stunning view of the chateau from the bridge! – and we were so fortunate to see it in good weather and with perfect light! We were cutting it fine though, so having parked all 3 vans up at the aire, we briskly walked back over to the bridge to get some souvenir shots, and just in time!


Sophie and Bella enjoyed the builders sandpit at the aire!


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