Ile de Ré (Saint Martin)

The next day we all headed on to Ile de Ré, which is no distance from La Rochelle. We’ve been there before but the others hadn’t, so we were going to make that introduction. 
Ile de Ré is reached by the toll bridge. When we arrived we set about finding our night stay location, which, due to the barrier being out of operation, turned out to be a freebie! Ordinarily all the aires are paying ones on the island. Nice little earner for them! – still good value mind, but freebie is always better! 
We drove then to Saint Martin, the main town, and all did our own thing for the most part. The weather was very pleasant and made for perfect exploring.
The town is charming, and set alongside the port making it hugely visual. There are lots of lovely shops and eateries and little back streets to wander around.
Michael and I treated ourselves to yet another almond croissant! – at least, I had one, he perhaps had a slice of ‘flan’ which is filled with thick custard and one of his favourites! We sat outside the boulangerie watching the world go by. 
Having explored Saint Martin and the far, wilder end of the island, some of us decided we’d head back to La Rochelle for the night before continuing on our journey. Kenny and Tanya, with bits of shopping in mind, headed on to Nantes. We would meet them there the next day. 


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