Nantes is a riverside town/city, don’t know which, big town/small city perhaps! There’s a great tram service which we made use of, as well as the paying aire, which we got into eventually! A bit of a malarkey but worth the bother. It was central, but quiet, spacious and not hugely expensive at 12 Euros for the convenience of being easy reach of the city centre. 

We parked up and headed with Kenny and Tanya to the tram stop, just moments away and got off with an easy walk to see the mechanical elephant tourist attraction, which is quite something! – and free to watch!

We split up after this, and the others shopped, and we looked out a venue to lunch at, and found a super place that served great food.  

Happy bunnys!   

Daisy, all the photos of BNP Paribas and previously of Santander in earlier blogs, are in honour of you!😉

Love Mum and Dad xx

Tram ride:


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