Messac/Guipry to Pont Rean

Nick and Sal had skipped Nantes and stayed on an extra night at La Rochelle, chilling out with the dogs, and enjoying the beach there. We all next met up at Messac. Messac we’ve used before a few times as a handy en-route overnight stop, and it’s very pleasant set beside the canal. The train station is there too, but the trains don’t run into the night fortunately! – have never troubled us. 
Made some almond croissants!

From Messac, Kenny and Tanya said their goodbyes to Nick and Sal (and us temporarily) and headed on to Rennes, while the rest of us took a leisurely drive on to Pont Rean, another picturesque stopover we use. 
While Michael was working on board, I joined Nick, Sal and the dogs for a canal side walk. We got chatting to a very nice local lady and her daughter who were walking their horses, and were talking in a mix of French and English for quite some time before continuing on our walk around the pond, and back along the towpath.  
We bumped into this friendly lady once again, this time as she was getting out of her car outside her canal side home, and very kindly she invited us in for a drink, which was such a lovely gesture and it was great to be able to accept.  
She brought pressed apple juice out on to the veranda and we enjoyed continuing our conversation with her, until such time as her farrier arrived, and we needed to let her get on. What a lovely lady! So hospitable! – and to complete strangers! We were the three of us hugely touched! – and me being me, had to get a photo! – and exchange email addresses. I was very impressed with her English and it was great fun practicing each other’s mother tongues! I shall certainly ring the bell at her garden gate next time I find myself staying over there, and hopefully get to spend some more time chatting!  



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