Pont Rean to Bazouges La Perouse

So having lunched on board at Pont Rean we headed on, driving through Rennes on this occasion, stopping too at the free motorhome aire we’ve used before now by the pretty canal spot near Hedé, and then on to Combourg, somewhere new to Nick and Sal.  
…… and then on to Combourg, somewhere new to Nick and Sal.  
It’s a small town with a chateau (home town of Michael’s great-grandmother!)  
We had to negotiate the ‘route barrée’ signs and managed to park outside the florist, enabling us to have a little walk around the village and a peep at the chateau from below its walls. Michael and I have paid to walk in its parkland style gardens before now.  

We enjoyed a good lunch at this Logis de France restaurant on a previous visit to Combourg. 


From Combourg the four of us headed north to Bazouges la Peruse. We found this overnight stop, as far north as we could go, had drinks on board Nick and Sal’s van, as well as an explore of the pretty village together the next day. It was then sadly time to say our goodbyes (or should I say ‘au revoirs’!) to Nick, Sal, Bella and Sophie, as they headed on up towards Cherbourg and we head west to resume contact with Kenny and Tanya. 
En-route we stopped for a bit of on-board lunch at a lake we wild camped by once, and got a bit of a walk in, but just a brief one! 


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