Dinan to Saint Malo via Pleslin Tregavou

Lunch at Chez La Mere Pourcel in Dinan. A favourite of ours! 
Lovely restaurant with excellent food in a fabulous location! 


En-route to St Malo and our ferry home we had our last overnight stop at the free aire at Pleslin Trigavou – free water too! It’s by the side of the old railway line, now a cycle track. It’s near the road, as many are, but was not at all noisy, and certainly not a busy road. We had a bit of a cycle, until I found the subtle (but not subtle enough!) gradient more than I was up for! Still, it was nice what we did.  

The next morning we called in at Minihic sur Rance which is somewhere Michael wants to overnight another time – a wild camp spot basically, but clearly people do! – and very pretty a view of the bay from this little cove.

Over the barrage with St Servan and St Malo in view

So a great 2 weeks of time spent with friends, and time spent together, just wish the time hadn’t flown so fast!
Oh well, there’s always the next trip to look forward to! – just a shame it won’t be until winter has passed! C’est la vie!

One thought on “Dinan to Saint Malo via Pleslin Tregavou

  1. Ah finally got the blog finished. I felt I was on the journey again- enjoying the trip. Now it’s over till next year. X

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