First Night: Changé (near Laval)

We had a nice smooth crossing over, and no delays, but felt for a young lady, Charlene from Guernsey and her Mum, stuck in Jersey overnight with 2 horses!!! (the ‘Liberation’ having been cancelled due to a technical problem!).
It’s always a good feeling to drive off the boat, and once through customs, hit the road! We had thought we’d just drive to Evran, 45 mins away, but feeling bright and breezy, chose to head further on our journey, and drove 2 hours from St Malo where we overnighted at the aire in Changé, (a bit short of Le Mans to give you an idea of our direction). We had no idea what our environment looked like as we’d arrived in the dark. Had a spritz to kick start our trip!  
Slept well! – which was impressive as I’m used to being pretty restless here and there through the night being peri-menopausal! 
The only less pleasant thing was feeling a bit cold the next morning, not having realised that Michael had left me an extra blanket at the end of my bed. I gather I was out like a light that night, while he was still up and reading. Thankfully neither of us disturbed the other with any noisy breathing sounds!  
Up leisurely (but not before the room space had warmed up!). The only annoying thing is you have to crawl out from under your cosy blankets to reach to put the room heater on! – and in turn, get out of bed to put the water heater on (so I shan’t be doing the latter until the room is at a pleasant temperature!).  
Changé was a free night stop and we were there with 2 other motorhomes – we being the late arrivals – everyone else was already in for the night. Thankfully no need to park close up and risk hearing any unwanted tv noise! – which in actual fact is more of a summer issue when windows are open. 


2 thoughts on “First Night: Changé (near Laval)

  1. Was thinking about you guys when I read about the technical problems on the ferry. Glad to hear you didn’t get stuck there 🙂 Safe journey and keep the stories coming 🙂

    1. Ah, thanks D! Yes, we were very fortunate to avoid all that.

      We’re not hurtling along in the van, especially with no time constraints and no agenda, so leisurely and gentle driving.

      Certainly plan to keep the posts coming! – something relaxing to do on board these dark evenings in any case! – nice to be warm and cosy at the same time thanks to the onboard heater running on GPL (LPG) – brilliant!

      Thanks for writing – bfn! xo

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