Changé to La Flèche

Our first stop of the day was in fact pulling in at a Lidl somewhere! Our next stop was pulling over for a snack lunch by the side of the road somewhere else, an aire I think, with pleasant plan d’eau aspect. (You can see I’m not into the swing of noting down names of places yet!).  

We avoid toll roads and enjoy the quieter more picturesque roads – there are no time schedules after all with this travelling lifestyle! – well, apart from avoiding missing the ferry! – which doesn’t happen as Michael likes to be checked in promptly.

Our first sight seeing stop of the day (which is always very organic), turned out to be Sablé sur Sarthe. We were driving through, but it looked worthy of a closer look, so we went around the roundabout and headed down to the port below the old town.  

It was flipping cold out! – well, for softies like me it was! – no, it was pretty bracing in fact, but we were determined to get a walk in either way! We crossed over the old bridge and into the town, wandering up towards the chateau, popping in to the Tourism office en-route. 

The chateau wasn’t visitable and looked shut up, but we walked around its perimeter as best we could, taking in the view down across the port and river over towards where we had parked up. Oh, and how could I forget to mention, we stopped to buy our first almond croissant of the year! – just the one, to share, as my weight needs to go back down! – drove as far as La Flèche to eat it, parked up, overlooking the river – and boy, was it delicious!!!!  













La Flèche – Where we stopped for our yummy almond croissant!!!



2 thoughts on “Changé to La Flèche

  1. Hi both….looks a lovely place…nice pics!!! It’s chilly here (Zarautz, just outside San Sebastian)…in fact, we have driving rain at the mo…we hope you’re dryer! D,D & H

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