Ainay Le Vieil to La Cheix (Part 2)

As promised we’ll begin with the last of the Herisson photos (by the way herisson is the French word for hedgehog):















We enjoyed a second sightseeing stroll of the day, and this time in the town of Ville de Charroux. Ideally it would have been better to have got there sooner as it had various lovely artisanal gift shops (soap makers, hand made glass, pottery etc) which I’d have enjoyed a peep in, but we were there after shop closing by and large. Either way we enjoyed wandering around the quiet streets – barely a soul to be seen.   

It was a beautifully kept town centre with every building tastefully painted without taking away from the authenticity, history and character of the place. Definitely a worthwhile visit as had been Hérisson.  

























2 thoughts on “Ainay Le Vieil to La Cheix (Part 2)

  1. As ever, the rustic features excite me. The arches, the doors, the Cafe window with curtains, etc. However, the new features (new to me) – are the large, tall, hanging lamps – meant to light the roads/villages/towns. I had never imagined their existence. It is funny how the unexpected image can make the most pleasing impression.

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