Ainay Le Vieil to La Cheix (Part 1)

Driving along we happened to spot the ruins of the chateau at Hérisson which stood out against the undulating green pastureland. We headed in its direction and in turn followed the signs as we got closer. 

It was an impressive view from the high point we were at, looking down and across to the town with its castle ruins. We made our way down the hill, me at the ready, finger poised for anticipated photos! It really was quite a chance encounter, as are all the gems we’re coming across, with no guide book having led the way.   

We parked up by the riverside and headed off into the town with a view to scaling whatever route took us up to the chateau. It was an easy, leisurely and picturesque stroll in fact – my favourite!  




























I think we can safely say that Sophie liked Herisson! There are even more photos, but I’ll sneak those in with tomorrow’s blog post.  

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