Campagnac to Arre (Part 1)

We enjoyed another free overnighter at another very pleasant little aire, this time at Campagnac. Michael just wished he’d remembered not to park under a tree on a rainy night! We’ve made that mistake too parking under nut trees!  

Séverac-le-Chateau was one heck of a hike up and in wind and drizzle, but although puffing and blowing was involved on my part, so too in turn was a sense of achievement at reaching the old ruined castle at the top. 

I did enjoy the gentle meander down from the chateau through the medieval town back to our van.  













































More en route to Arre, via the Millau Viaduct and Avlon tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Campagnac to Arre (Part 1)

  1. Good pictures hope the sun shines for you soon. Im off on the boat to IH Motorhomes this evening to have warranty work carried out on the van hoping the Journey goes okay. Hope you both have a good day,
    Kenny & Tanya

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