Campagnac to Arre (Part 2)

On towards the Millau Viaduct





Our 2nd time driving over the Millau Viaduct [We’ve also driven beneath it once before due to a navigation mix-up. M]



















Onwards to Alzon. Enjoyable scenic drive in very fine weather  





I love the simple little building in the distance and enjoyed tracking it drawing closer with my camera. 










More from Alzon tomorrow, en route to Arre…

3 thoughts on “Campagnac to Arre (Part 2)

  1. Good pictures of the viaduct very interesting currently on the clipper (was delayed) should arrive at 11:00am instead of 6:30 never mind whatever will be will be. Then a 250 mile trip to knottingly. Look forward to the next instalment of pictures
    Kenny & Tanya

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