Arre to Sommieres 

Driving in ‘Gard’ we passed through Bez-et-Esparon, Ganges and Le Vigan, the latter we had visited on a previous trip (and as with this trip, to fuel up and visit Lidl!). We haven’t done that town justice yet by not visiting it per sé.
















We have visited Sauve before, and it’s a real gem, stunning in fact, so being en route, I just had to at least hop out of the van and walk over to the bridge to get a few more photos for this trip’s blog entries.  
Talk about oozing charm and character!  









[We then arrived in Sommieres. Here are some tasters, with much more to follow tomorrow – M]











One thought on “Arre to Sommieres 

  1. Nice to see the sun shine for you both, intetresting pictures keep them coming Suave reminded me a loittle bit of the dordogne region.

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