Sommieres to Saintes Maries de la Mer

En route to La Camargue – lovely open scenery all the way! Beautiful big skies! Old farms and vineyards!  





We pulled in at Saint Gilles by the canal in the free aire there (though no added facilities) for a rustled up lunch. There was nothing to confirm it was an official camping cars stop from recollection, but it was listed in the book, plus 2 other motorhomes were there. We could have stayed overnight but were en-route and so just used it as a handy stopping point. 






Bottles handily stored ready to take to the bin!!!!! Haha!  



We reach Provence and the Camargue with its salt marshland, white horses (well mostly white!), flamingoes, and bulls, all of which we got to see, albeit from a distance, though in the case of the bulls, perhaps the sensible option!!!











Camargue and its Capital















[More from La Camargue tomorrow – M]

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