La Camargue

After we’d checked out the beach in the freezing cold Mistral! – it was time to cook up a nice comforting bacon sandwich! We love the seeded loaf from Lidl – makes it a half healthy sandwich! We buy that most often. The bacon was in our fridge at home, so came with us!

The lady in the patisserie said the Mistral causes the cold windy weather as the snow was still on the mountains and the wind rushing through drops in temperature basically! Yeah, I can understand that!!!!!!  

Michael Googled ‘Mistral’ for anyone interested:-

“In France, it refers to a violent, cold, north or northwest wind that accelerates when it passes through the valleys of the Rhone and the Durance Rivers to the coast of the Mediterranean around the Camargue region. It affects the northeast of the plain of Languedoc and Provence to the east of Toulon, where it is felt as a strong west wind. It has a major influence all along the Mediterranean coast of France, and often causes sudden storms in the Mediterranean between Corsicaand the Balearic Islands.”





Sunrise on the Med!
Michael had to be up early to pay the man the 12 Euros – an unearthly 8.30am – which hardly seems fair when one is paying a premium! (lie in clearly not included!) – so I’m afraid the man had to take Michael as he found him!!!! 






































Lunch at ‘Lou Penequet’









[Thanks to the Polarsteps app I’ve “back-filled” our “as the crow flies” route to the Med – M]:



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