Abbaye de Monmajour and Les Baux des Provences

Abbaye de Monmajour so stood out on the landscape – as we approached it we just had to pull in and see what it was all about. 

Normally it costs around 7 Euros 50 to get in, but because they had an event in part of the property (making it not totally visitable) we were allowed in for free!

Great views around and about!




















Les Baux des Provences was a must see for us as we had been there many years ago as part of a day trip outing on a cruise holiday we did.   

We really did only briefly visit Les Baux though back then, and certainly don’t remember it is set beneath a ruined castle. How we don’t recall that I can’t imagine! It’s not exactly subtle! Certainly it was just a pretty flying visit and we only remembered the little gift shops and winding streets on the rocky escarpment (think that’s the word – or maybe just outcrop! – no idea) – maybe just big rock!!!

So this time, and with no time constraints other than closing time, we parked up, wrapped up well as it was pretty cold and paid our obligatory 5 Euro parking plus our 8 ish Euros each to get into the chateau beyond and above the picturesque little town. 

We were hoping we were going to get our monies worth, and we certainly did! Well worth the entrance fee. A substantial amount to see and fabulous views too.  

The only annoying thing was I managed to lose my black thermal wooly hat!!! We traced back our steps and still couldn’t find it. Hey ho! Will have to get another one from the £ shop when next they’re in stock!  

They’re brilliant those ‘Thinsulate’ hats – we’ve used them for years – bought them for boating (when we did that), and in turn for the van as well as for the house, so I likely will find a spare one at home anyway to re-stock the van for Autumn!!!




















[More from Les Baux tomorrow – M]


3 thoughts on “Abbaye de Monmajour and Les Baux des Provences

    1. Hi Jill – glad you like my photos!
      No, we didn’t get to try any wine from the area but I shall let our daughter Poppy know as she’s now down in Provence for a fortnight, will be going there on her Motorhome this trip, and likes her red wine too. I have no doubt they’ll eat out at Les Baux!
      Thanks for writing!

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