We have used the Fontvieille aire for 2 nights as it proved to be a reasonably priced aire (6.50 Euros) in a pleasant and central location, handy for visiting Les Baux and Arles. Water cost extra, so we waited to fill up for free elsewhere. 
We walked up a stony path from the aire, just moments really, to see the charming old windmill on our way into the town, and en-route along this pleasant country walk, stopped to look at the Chateau de Montauban. 
Took a little wander through the town and back to the van.  






















Coming away from Fontvielle, we saw a rather unassuming sign for a Roman Viaduct and so made a detour on the off chance it was more special than the sign made it out to be. 

Well, talk about a hidden gem! What a find! We parked up and walked over to this impressive run of ruined viaduct sections (for want of a better description!).  

Michael had only basically locked up but hadn’t alarmed the van or brought our most essential worldly goods with him (in his rucksack!), so he decided he wouldn’t join me to walk a little further along the path to where looked to be a natural cut off. 

Well I’m jolly glad I walked that extra few moments stretch of the viaduct as what I came across I’d never have expected! Talk about quite a memorable experience – it really was quite breathtaking, not only for the fantastic open view that lay before me, but the sheer unexpectedness of it and the intriguing approach through a high sided walled channel.

It was pretty blowy and this in turn created quite some wind tunnel!  

Me who’s nervous of heights and of getting blown away was particularly careful at the cut off point, and although in reality it wasn’t a sheer drop to way down below, it wasn’t far off being so! Certainly you wouldn’t have wanted to be haring along that channel without a care in the world oblivious of the need for caution!! 

Anyway, what a superb surprise visit! Really glad we thought to follow the rather non event sign to see what it was all about! – would have been such a shame to miss it (though of course we would have been oblivious to that!) 
[I suppose Sophie was really “blown away” as it happens – M]

















Having raved about it so much to Michael, he made his own way down to see the spectacle while I kept an eye on the van. Suffice it to say he was equally impressed! 



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