Arles (Part 1)

We parked up on the riverside by the big lion statues where a good few vans were already based. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, so we walked along the riverside promenade and into the old town. 

This was another visit on that cruise years ago, so we knew we wouldn’t need to visit the interior of the arena again, but just enjoy walking around it and the old streets of Arles. 

We bought an almond croissant to share, and somehow couldn’t resist buying another one later from a different boulangerie! The first one was nicer!

They’re fairly substantial and so psychologically you feel you’ve had a whole one when you just eat half, so after 2 halves that afternoon, we must have felt we’d really pigged out!  

Before leaving Arles we took advantage of the free water point along the same roadway as the lion statues, but nearer the town itself.  








































[More from Arles tomorrow – M]


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