Avignon to Chateauneuf du Pape

Drive through Avignon’s neighbour, Villeneuve Les Avignon:





Whilst approaching the village of Roquemaure I spotted (as is my way!) a chateau (in another direction), and as also happens here and there, I asked Michael to drive us closer to it for a photo. Only problem was it turned out to be across the river and contrary to my hopes, as we got closer it ‘shrank down’ behind the riverbank!

Conveniently though I was able to cross a footbridge which took me over a small watercourse and up onto the near bank with view across to the far bank and the chateau. 

It was such a characterful castle ruin that I was disappointed to not see it close up too. However, with the nature of our trips, and being totally flexible, we decided to drive in a direction that would hopefully give a chance of seeing it. One bridge over the Rhone and in no time we had found our way, down a stony road, to Chateau l’Hers, and it certainly was worth the hunt to find it.  

The location provided a stunning spot for an on board meal, so a Lidl pizza cooked under the grill (you don’t get a crispy base but a lot quicker and easier than using the oven!) with a dressed green salad was quickly prepared and enjoyed beneath the stunning backdrop of this fairytale castle ruin. 


















Bought a yummy Italian Panettone from Super U. Must be the last of the Christmas stock – quite a find! I could eat it all to myself! Gutted Michael doesn’t hate it!!! Hey ho!!!






[Photos from our stay in Chateauneuf du Pape tomorrow – M]

Date of visits: 13/03/2016

3 thoughts on “Avignon to Chateauneuf du Pape

      1. Hi!

        We subscribed to France Passion about 3 years ago, but only got to use it once! – so although the great overnight stop at a cider farm in Brittany was ‘free’, – though we happily bought some cider to pay our way! – a one off usage of the twenty plus pounds annual membership to France Passion proved to make that a pricey stop!!!! C’est la vie!

        We do still like the concept, but need to be a bit braver I suspect!
        Your ‘Chateau Cabriérre’ certainly sounds more inspiring than a campsite!

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