Chateauneuf du Pape overnight stop

We overnighted at an amazing illuminated chateau ruin at Chateauneuf du Pape, and for free! A fabulous stopover! Fortunately the wind dropped as it could have been pretty exposed up there otherwise! What a great sunset!!! Can even spot Chateau l’Hers in the distance. 

We were lucky to overnight there as it’s only allowed between October and March, which I’m surprised about as there’s bags of space really. Anyway we got to stay being as it’s March, and not a soul else there.   

The next morning we drove down and parked just outside the village and did our usual of locking up, with blinds pulled closed, wordly goods on our backs, and headed into town. 

It was a lovely sunny day and having wandered down a few streets we couldn’t resist stopping for lunch. It was just too lovely a day not to eat out – so we did! – and the food was as great as the weather!























[Photos from our trip into the village tomorrow – M]

Date of visit: 13/03 to 14/03/2016

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